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Sunday, April 15th, 2001
8:43 pm - Happy Easter
Ok, so I went to church with my mom around 9:25 at Inland Hills church and met Megan, Ian, Sean, Bob, and Julie. It was a good service. Then, I went to their(megan's)and had lunch. It waqs soooo good! We had ham and corn and rolls and yummy yummy food!!! After that we had dessert(angelfood cake) and my mom left and I stayed at their house and spent the night. Tomorrow megan and I are going to the movie and the mall tomorrow. We are probably going to take picture. That will be such fun! Well I have to go eat dinner so bye!

my mood: excited

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Monday, February 26th, 2001
7:53 pm
well I'm going with Megan to Joseph so see if I want to be in it. Maybe...... In Geometry we were learning about radicals and I was participating a lot because I know radicals very well. so....I had pizza for dinner and it was so good! well i g2g to Joseph so bye

my mood: tired

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2000
7:11 pm
ok,so on Friday I went to see Charlie's angels with Amanda and Megan. That was a good movie!!! I loved it!!! On Saturday I went to the C.I.F. Prelims for the guys cross-country team. They did pretty good but we won't make it to the finals. If anyone on the team had passed two more people in the race, then we would have made it to the finals. Oh well there's always next year. On Sunday I went to my Grandma's house and we went ot Olive Garden for dinner. yum, yum! Today I had a Biology test and I think I did good :), and I had a Geometry test and I don't think i did very good:(. My hip was hurting soo bad today, I don't know what happened. I'm sad. Oh well, I'm over it. Anywayz, I got to go so I can study for my Spanish test.

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Wednesday, October 25th, 2000
6:26 pm
ok, so I haven't updated my journal in forever so this is going to be pretty long. We had a cross-country meet on Tuesday(10/24) and I was trying to pass this girl from linfield and she made me sooo mad! I would finally catch up to her, and then she would run when I got up to her, but then it was ok because I passed her anyway. hehehe. Then I was trying to catch up to this girl named Hannah on our team, and i did for a while but in the end it ame in her, then two girl then me, so i was close. In the end i got 28:22 which is my personal record for this year. yay! Today we got our Geometry tests back and i got a 83%, thank you very much. Im sooo excited! In cross-country practice today well ran this course called,"the misery run", and wow it was hard but it wasn't all that bad because there were lots of downhills which are nice. I like downhills. Today is my mom's birthday yay! Lalala well i don't have much more to say to bye

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2000
10:28 pm
ok well in Biology I had a quiz, which I thought was kinda hard and in Geometry we did Substitution and Elimination which is really easy for me. And in Spanish it was soooooooo hot! When we ran afterschool it was really hot also and that was not fun. When I got home and did my homework I went to Ameci pizza with Megan and was sooo good! Well I think that's about it so bye.

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